Stakeholder Engagement

  • General meeting
  • Public information such as annual report, interim report and announcement
  • Pe r fo rmance roadshow and reverse roadshow
  • Group publication
  • Grievance mechanism
  • Tender meeting
  • Project briefing
  • Tea gathering and academic activity
  • Es tablish the relevant management system
  • Supplier/Contractor meeting
  • Cooperate with government policy
Community Groups
  • Conduct community opinion survey
  • Organise charity event

Stakeholders refer to groups or individuals materially influencing or affected by the Group’s business. They include employees, investors, clients, business partners, regulatory agencies and community groups. Our interaction with stakeholders helps enhance the mutual understanding, trust and cooperation, and helps the Group review the potential risks and business opportunities.

We are aware of the importance of stakeholder engagement in sustainability reporting. Through interviews, trainings, questionnaires and focus groups, we collect the opinions of different stakeholders as the basis of reporting and policy formulation.