Stakeholder Engagement

With reference to the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, the Group systematically conducts stakeholder engagement activities to identify and prioritise sustainability issues. The results are validated by the Board and serve as the basis for preparing sustainability reports to address stakeholder concerns. They also provide an important reference for management to develop relevant measures and plans.

The Group has identified its key stakeholders and classified them into six categories, namely employees, investors, customers, suppliers or subcontractors, government and regulatory authorities, and community groups. It maintains communication with these internal and external stakeholders through a variety of channels. The table below outlines these communication channels between the Group and them.

  • General meetings
  • Annual reports, interim reports and announcements
  • Roadshow and reverse roadshow
  • Investor meetings
  • Indices and ratings
  • Emails and announcements
  • Internal meetings
  • Training courses
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Grievance mechanism
  • Tender meetings
  • Project briefings
  • Tea gatherings and industry activities
Suppliers / Subcontractors
  • Procurement process
  • Review and evaluation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Supplier and subcontractor meetings
Government and regulatory authorities
  • Public consultation
  • Working meetings
  • Feedback through industry associations
Community groups (e.g., professional groups, media, and non-governmental organisations)
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Press conferences and news releases
  • Community opinion surveys
  • Charity event planning and participation

Other than the daily communication channels mentioned above, the Group commissioned an independent consultant to conduct a series of stakeholder engagement activities, including questionnaires, workshop discussions and management interviews. These activities also helped the Group to identify areas where stakeholders felt it could make a more positive contribution, thereby assisting the Group in developing sustainability strategies and measures, and making appropriate disclosures to respond to stakeholder expectations.